This is a community that builds a chain of unified members, with one mindset to conquer the world's financial injustice. Funds are passed-on among members in the chain, enabling each member to receive four (4) times the fund he/she passed on at a given level. E.g. A member who passed on ₦12,500 will be eligible to receive four times which is ₦50,000 i.e. 4 X 12,500 at level 1.


With unifiedng.com you earn four (4) times your money with or without referrals.

How? The system randomly place down-lines under you and these down-lines are arranged 2x2 whom will pay you the level sum each.

Note: You can refer down-lines yourself by using your referral link instead of waiting for the system to randomly place down-lines under you.

Please use the FAQ section below to learn more how the system works.

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With unifiedng.com you make more money as you move from one level to another. Once you register as a member (every new member) is in level 1. Each time you move to next level, you save 50% of what you got from previous level for yourself and invest the remain 50% into the system i.e. at level 1 you'll be matched to pay an up-line ₦12,500 and after confirmation, you become eligible to be matched with four new members which are your down-lines to pay you ₦12,500 each. This is ₦12,500 x 4 = ₦50,000 which you made at level 1. Meaning at level 2, you can keep ₦25,000 for yourself while you invest the remaining ₦25,000 into the system by paying an up-line, to be match with four down-lines of who will pay you ₦25,000 each, equating to ₦100,000 return on investment (ROI) made at level 2. This same process repeats itself as you upgrade to higher level. See table below for better understanding and how much you stand to make at the listed levels and are not limited to them.

Note: you can complete more than one level with a good working chain where each member refers two new members. It is possible to complete 10 levels in a month.
Unified Nigeria (unifiedng.com) uses referral system to create the chain of unity by which all members are linked together, requiring a new member to at least refer two other persons to the system once and for all. Money is passed along the chain created. This enables you to get four times the amount you passed to your up-line from four of your down-lines at any given level.

As you move to next level, you will be required to invest 50% of what you previously got while you save 50% for yourself in other to make extra 300% of the new investment. Meaning with 25,000 NGN you can make 100,000 NGN. Invest 50,000 NGN to make 200,000 NGN.

We can all attest to the fact of the uneven flow of fund or resources among the individual of different social status. This unevenness of finance has created the big gab which enables the poor to get poorer and the rich grow richer. People with great ideas can't do anything as a result of any resource to execute such an idea. Unified Nigeria tends to bridge this gab by creating a system where funds can flow by the simple words unity and trust among members of the unified community.


  • There are no central accounts, members pay to members directly and are confirm by members.
  • Members get to build Main Family Chain where they become friends and progress together.
  • Well-built interface to showcase personal business and career line.
  • It all about one mindset (financial liberty, unity and trust).
Unified Nigeria (unifiedng.com) is a system built by the community for the community with the purpose to ease the circulation of fund among its members, to raise capital for their startups, elevate social status and create the possibility of a foreseeable future.


Create chain of unity (the unified chain) among diverse persons.


Eradicate poverty and empower people to attain financial liberty.

With Unified Nigeria (unifiedng.com), referrals are onetime thing. To keep the chain of unity growing, we advise each member to refer at least two new members and advise them to do same, that all. After that, you sit back, relax and keep moving from levels to levels.

If you register with a referral email, you will be placed under the person who have the email and by so doing you will be merged immediately to pay an up-line.

When you register without referral email your account will be inactive until you are ready to make payment and by so doing you will be eligible to receive payments.


Larry musty

I completed level1 todays ago . am ready to start earning Unifiedng rocks my word tnx

Jerome Daferede

Unified Nigeria Keeps Its Word! You are encouraged to Join Me and so many of us Financially Liberated! I am proud to be a member. Jerome DG is my name. God Bless!

Ediale Vero

The money just came in like magic just completed level 1

Nnoshiri Emmanuel

God bless unifiedng.com

Nwanneka Okechukwu

This is the best platform have ever in involved.... UNIFIED is the best..

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